Annfield Farm Organic Bronze Turkey 14-16lbs

Completely raw direct from the farm

Bronze Turkeys are praised for their rich and slightly gamey flavour and delicious succulence. A common criticism of the better known white turkey is that it is 'dry' and 'lacks flavour'. Not so of the traditional bronze turkey that was bred for its flavour. These birds are still double breasted but are slower growing and so have a depth of flavour not seen with the white turkey, which became more popular with modern commercial factory farms as it was quicker to gain weight and could produce big birds in a shorter space of time with not a thought for their welfare

Despite their beautiful brown and black feathers with a metallic bronze sheen the meat is still the same traditional white turkey meat we all come to expect with turkey. However that's where the similarity ends! Their diet, lifestyle and natural layer of fat gives extra moisture.

Organic Bronze Turkey - Raw

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